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Slashdot Discussions

Software Documentation or System Documentation

Books: Literate Programming

Books: Applies Literate Programming

Books: Software Documentation

Books: Coding Standards

Books: Reengineering or Refactoring

Computer Bookstores

TeX Resources

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Software or Standards Organizations

Security Organizations

Technology News (Daily)

Technology News (Vendors)

Technology News


Source Code Directories - Major

Source Code Directories - Minor

Open Source IDE

Open Source Code Projects

Wiki Engines


Programming Languages

Beta, Caml, Icon, Java, Modula-3, Oberon, Ruby, Scheme, SIMULA



Reliability and Testing

Development Process

Decompilers and Disassemblers

Programming Competition


Computer Museums

Virtual Computer Museums

File Comparison

Windows Components or Controls

CASE Tools and Code Generators